Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new year~

Happy new year everybody! The following post won't be cosplay related, but I found these questions on a blog of a friend and I felt it'd be fun to share a little of my life 2011 outside of cosplay, and well, just kind of show you more of me and not only my cosplay. ^^ I translated all of the following questions from Swedish into English, so I'm sorry for eventual mistakes~

1. Did you do something for the first time in 2011?
Yep, I did. I started cosplaying among other things ^^ Ahaha, and I just said this wouldn't be about cosplay, and it's still the first thing I mention.
2. Did you keep your New Years resolutions?
Uuh I never make any resolutions for New Years o__o
3. Did anyone you know have a baby?
Don't think so?
4. Did anyone close to you die?
No, at least not anyone very close to me.
5. Which countries did you visit?
Except for traveling around in Finland I went to Britain. Scotland to be more exact. I also visited Sweden.
6. Is there anything that wasn't there in 2011 but you hope will be there in 2012?
I try to not have very high hopes about anything really, I just hope that nothing really bad happens haha.
7. Is there any date you will never forget?
I have to agree with my friend who took this quiz earlier and say 30.4. That wasn't a fun day. And then 14.5, 15.5,  those were the days of Bakacon, my first con ever :D 
8. What was the best thing about the past year?
All the new people I've met. Cosplay, cons. And of course spending time with friends and having fun in general. 
9. What was your biggest mistake?
Definitely agreeing with my friend again, a certain day in April when I would have been better off staying at home.
10. What was your best purchase?
Tricky question, I don't remember anything specific, I've bought many nice things.
11. What did you spend most money on?
Cosplay, no doubt.
12. What made you really happy?
Summer, meeting new people with similar interests to myself.
13. Have you been ill or hurt?
Well I've had a couple of colds, but nothing severe.
14. What songs or singers make you think of 2011?
I don't know really, there are a couple of songs that remind me of summer and such, but nothing too specific.
15. Did you feel better or worse during 2011 compared to other years?
Better than 2010, no doubt about that. I actually think this might have been one of my better years so far, I've been happier than usual.
16. Is there anything you wish you had put more time into?
Ahahaha. School, nuff said.
17. Is there anything you wish you had put less time into?
Nope, time you enjoyed wasting wasn't wasted. 
18. How was your Christmas?
Fairly ok.
19. Did you fall in love?
20. What was your favorite TV show?
I don't watch TV that much, but I'll go with House, I've always liked that one.
21. Do you hate somebody you didn't hate before?
Nope, I don't hate people in general haha~
22. Which is the best book you've read the past year?
All the Harry Potter books, no doubt.
23. What was your biggest music experience?
I don't think I had a specific one. Or well, the Homestuck soundtrack is plain awesome and there's not much like it, and I very often find myself listening to songs from it on my iPod, so maybe that? 
24. Did you wish for something you got?
Yes, I wished to meet new people, and I did.
25. Did you wish for something you didn't get?
Nah, not really, I don't wish for very much haha ^^;
26. Movie of the year?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.
27. What did you do on your birthday?
I was in Scotland.
28. Who were the best people you met?
All fellow nerds I met at various cons 8D
29. How would you describe your sense of fashion?
Boring, I'm a hoodie and jeans type of person really.
30. What made you feel good?
Friends, cosplay, cons.
31. What celeb did you like the most? 
Weird question was weird, I changed it a little when translating :B No one in particular tho.
32. Who did you miss?
Depends on where I was and when. 
33. The best month?
All the summer months were great, May was also nice, and September I guess. Oh and January, awesome trip to Stockholm was awesome.
34. Is there anything you could have done better?
Probably, but I didn't fuck anything up too badly even tho I failed a little here and there.

More updates actually concerning cosplay should be up quite shortly, I'm going shopping for cosplay stuff tomorrow, so if nothing else I'll do an update about that, I have quite a lot of things I'm planning on buying.


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