Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pandora Hearts

Woah, I'm going from posting once every 6 months to posting every few days, go me! But I did after all promise to post some pictures from our recent Pandora Hearts photoshoot, and well, here they are, enjoy!

Haha I felt like a bit of a douchebag editing that picture with only Oz in it, as it originally did contain both Oz and Gil. Sorry for editing you out Hansku haha, just felt like having a solo pic. So everyone can adore me in all my glory of course! or it could just my compilation of cosplays I've made, you'll never know.

And finally, some credits for the people appearing in the pictures and the person operating the camera:

I cosplayed Oz
Hansku cosplayed Gilbert
Ilse took all the pictures

Thank you both, it was a fun photoshoot :D

And with that this post has reached its end, bye for now~