Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oh wait, I do have a blog

Ok, I've been a shitty blogger, I really have. But, I too do (to some small extent) have a life, especially during summer I did. But that's nothing you'd be interested in, since this is a cosplay blog after all. So what has happened in my life as a cosplayer lately? Well, I attended Animecon IX in July, so there will be pictures from that later on in this post, and I also made a Meredy (Fairy Tail) cosplay which I was supposed to bring to Animecon, but the wig didn't arrive on time, even though I did order it in good time. I honestly looked forward to cosplaying her, but no, that just didn't happen. I was also planning to attend Tracon as Gisen Yagyu from Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls, but various health issues got in the way, and I ended up not going to Tracon at all. I'm back in the zone now though, finishing unfinished cosplays, and planning for next years cosplay season. And I have tons of unpublished progress pictures I'll show you sometime soon.

But back to Animecon, on Saturday I wore my Kanaya (Homestuck) cosplay since I wanted some more pictures of her, and Rei (HOTD) for pretty much the same reason, I wanted pics of both of them in summer since the only ones I have are taken during the winter. So, here you get, some pictures from Animecon 2 months ago haha;

There you go, some pictures of me from Animecon. All of them were taken by Victoria, who gladly joined me to the con even though she isn't a cosplayer herself. She did however borrow my Alois and my Rei cosplay, so I'll throw in some pics of her in said cosplays too!

Aaand finally, both of us on Sunday. I had a good time, and it was fun to show someone who has never been to a con before how it is and what happens haha.

That will be it for this post, I'd post some other con pictures I took of other cosplayers, but as it was so long ago I don't know how relevant that feels. If you do feel like seeing some of them leave a comment and let me know and you'll get to see some other cosplayers than me haha. And hopefully I'll return in sensible time to tell you more about actual cosplay making and show you some of my progress pics.


Thursday, June 14, 2012


This years Desucon has passed and I had a really good time! I arrived to Lahti on Friday, met up with Hansku at the hotel, and then we left for Sibeliustalo and the con. I wasn't in any cosplay since all we did was basically to go watch the Sugiyama Noriaki interview thingy, which was really interesting btw, I'm kind of a fan haha, and then we went back to the hotel to finish some cosplay stuff for Saturday. 

Yeah that's pretty much how out hotel room looked like the night between Friday and Saturday. Paints everywhere. 
And then we woke up early Saturday morning to do our makeup and get into cosplay, and well, since Hansku was attending the Euro Cosplay tryouts she had her Illua costume with her, which had a gigantic katana, a huge spellbook, some armor and just LOTS of stuff in general, so this did take time. So walking with all that in several bags to Sibeliustalo from Omenahotelli was quite interesting. But yeah, basically all of Saturday went to EC stuff. Which I don't mind, it was fun being backstage and all that and kind of get a feel of how that is. And it probably was a good experience since I'll be attending competitions of the bigger kind myself in the future. 
So Sunday was pretty much the only "normal" con day I had at this con, and that's also the day most of the pics I'll post are from. I was in my new Kisaragi Saya (Blood-C) cosplay for both Saturday and Sunday, and even though the overall costume is really comfortable, the shoes were killing my feet. I literally couldn't even walk a meter in them at Sunday after running around in them all of Saturday, so I had to sacrifice some accuracy and walk around in my socks only on Sunday haha. 

But that's it for my ramblings, here you have some pictures I took at the con;

Random pictures yay. These are actually all the pics I took, I've gotten really lazy about taking pictures at cons recently, which is bad since pics are fun to have :c
Anyway, I'll now put up some pics of my cosplay as well. They're all taken by Hansku, thank you!

More pics will be up on my account and deviantART shortly.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Last minute Desu check..

Ok so on my dA I promised a huge progress post before I leave for Desucon.... Well I lied, you won't get anything of the sort, instead you will get this super ultra mega awesome mini post, and you will have to suffice with that. Oh well, I can't keep all my promises, and hey, at least this is a update, always something right? Ok now I will stop making excuses and get to the actual point. 
Firstly I could point out that the (not so, as I already told my dA watchers who the character is) secret costume won't be done in time for Desu, which really is a shame, since she's one of my favorite characters ever, and it'd have been fun to wear her to event like Desucon. But I really did fuck up the wig for her when I tried to style it, and I decided that no, I can't wear that, I'd rather wait and make the entire thing look good than look half assed and ready in time for Desu. So that's it about that costume. I will provide you with pictures of it later, after Desu, no worries.

But then, what am I going to wear? Well, as you might know from my previous blogposts I've also finished Saya in time for Desu, so she's what I'm gonna bring. You've already seen tons of progress shots of her, so I really don't have anything new for her except 

dun dun duuuuun....

her monster slaying katana. Yay I'm actually pretty proud of it, it's the fist katana I've ever made, so it turned out great imo. That picture only shows the handle (and my derpfece :B) but the blade is really cool looking too. Damn I never thought I'd be able to make an ok looking prop, but I'm ok with this.
The blade is made out of wood, the handle out of wood and foam covered in paper mache which I then painted and wrapped fabric strips around. I didn't have time to do an actual katana style handle wrapping though. Or well, I didn't have time to learn it. Haters gonna hate. The tsuba (the thing between the blade and the handle) is also made out of paper mache covered foam. All the teeth are made out of clay, and the red-black details on the handle are also made out of foam.

So, I'll in other words be cosplaying Saya for both Saturday and Sunday. I was too lazy to bring some old costume, and I definitely won't mind carrying around that lovely katana for two days either <3

That's it for me now, I'll be back after Desu~


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pre-con stress anyone?

(For you English speaking readers, the Facebook post basically says that the con starts in exactly two weeks.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bernkastel pics and Umineko stuff~

The title basically tells you everything. I got some more pictures of Bernkastel at Tampere Kuplii, so I'm gonna post them here nor. This cosplay is SO. UNFLATTERING though. I look like a little derp in straight bangs and that dress, it's just a fact :''B Oh well, here you go anyway;

Photos by
Bleh, the front of the dress didn't want to stay neat this day, as you can see from the pics the black part of it is folding in a weird manner. Whatever.

Moving on, I've slowly (veeeery slowly) started to work on my awesome Desucon cosplay. And I really haven't worked on it too much, to be honest I'm thinking of waiting with this one and make it for some other con.... But I'd REALLY like to have it from Desu, so we'll see about that. I have made some progress on the costume tho, so I'll show you that.

Firstly, I made.. 

A BODYSUIT!! 404 shame not found, loading up pics like this and shit. Ok it's not that horrible... I'm just.. posing... In a skin tight suit. With a censor bar over my face since I looked like a retarded donkey. Legit. Anyway yeah, that's what I made, and it's going to be underneath the rest of the cosplay, all that will be seen is the stomach and bottom part (yes, I'll be kind of pantless.) I'll still add some lace to it, and then the bodysuit will be done~

And secondly, I cut out a sword shape out of plexiglass. I'll still paint it a little and it'll be done.

Yeah. It's see through. I'll paint some red lines on it later, since the character have this funky sword thingy going on, so it's just made up of some random red lines. I'm totally enjoying keeping the character a secret btw haha. But I will reveal who it is soon, you'll think I'm crazy for making her within a small time frame like this, but oh well~ 


Monday, May 7, 2012

Alois Trancy Photos

Two blogposts in one day?! Now that's absolutely insane, seeing as I usually update about once a month or something haha. However, I got the pictures from our Kuroshitsuji shoot, and I finished editing them and picking out my favorites, so I just thought, why not? I'm going to put them up here anyway, so I can just as well do it today as tomorrow. I'll just start putting them up then~

That's it, I will upload some more to my account later, but thy're currently updating their site and I don't know exactly when they will be back, but there is a link to my account under the Other Sites You Can Find Me At-headline to the right on here. As soon as the site is back up I'll be putting up my Alois pictures. And what else, I'm really happy with these pics, they turned out great, and the settings were just so beautiful!

Photographer: (thank you so so much! ^^)
And I was the Alois (well yeah) haha, I also did some editing