Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saya progress part x

What, I update two days in a row? How cool isn't that? I'll tell you the reason why. Frostbite is closing in, and I'm not done with my cosplays yet. Fuck. And I haven't worked seriously on Saya since I don't know when. Double fuck. But hope is not yet lost! Today I got my lazy ass out of the couch and onto the chair in front of my fancy sewing machine from the mid 80's.
I decided to finish the sleeves on Sayas shirt (they should have been done two weeks ago according to my fancy work schedule I made for myself, ahahah. No.), and it wasn't as difficult as I had imagined, everything went along quite smoothly actually, even though sleeves have always been my sworn enemy, I never get them right. I think this was the first time I've actually manages to make the sleeve and the sleevehole on the actual shirt match in size on the first try. I figured out that hey, you can actually MEASURE the parts and see if they'll fit before trying to sew the sleeve on. 10 points to me, good job figuring that out after those.. 4? cosplays I made earlier. 
After I got the two sleeves in place I figured I could treat myself with a little working on Kanaya, so I made the actual belt part and attached the symbol to it. I also ordered a wig for her from this new wig site, and I'm excited to see how it looks like. Whenever I get it, that is.

The left sleeve which has that fancy black thing
around the arm below the sleeve itself. I still need to iron
both the sleeves and the shirt itself...

Kanaya belt, sorry for the blurry pic on the left, my hand
got really shaky o__o I shouldn't enjoy making
this cosplay so much, it's taking over the time I should
use for my main projects.

I did try to take some pictures of the entire Saya outfit, but they got blurry due to my shaky hands... But you'll get some pics of the whole thing someday, eventually. 

EDIT: I just remembered, I was going to ask your opinion on what color I should make my skin when cosplaying Kanaya. There is the option to make it the regular troll gray, all the cosplayers I've seen who have done her red dress version have done that. But I could also make it white, due to certain things happening quite recently in the comic (I'm not spoiling anything~) that led to a change in her skin tone. So, which one do you think I should go with? ^^



  1. White! : ) I think it'd look so much more elegant to have white skin along with red dress.

  2. Hmm yeah, I think I'll go with white, I like it a little more than the grey too ^u^