Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I've made up my mind, I'm not bringing Saya for Frostbite, instead I'm going to finish Kanaya, I simply need more time for Saya if I don't want the final result to look rushed. And I'm not going to do the red dress version of Kanaya either what do you mean I can't make up my mind?, instead I'll go with this version.

Words cannot describe how much I love the picture to the left. Seriously,
just look at it. I'll be doing the injured/with purple ribbon version btw, the pic
on the right is just there to provide you with a better view of her outfit~

So, I don't like the general look of this outfit as much as I like the red dress, but I figured that I'd think a little about my own comfort this time, this version will not take as long to make seeing as I don't have to sew everything, I just had to purchase a black shirt. And I won't have to wear as much white paint on my body. I'll get some better paint later on, but now I'm stuck with this one I bought at a local masquerade store, and it works okay and all, but I need to fix it up often and it's just not the best. It does it's job, but nothing more than that. 
I've purchased the fabrics and all the makeup, but I don't have any pictures of those things at the moment. Not that it'd be especially interesting to see them either haha ^^'
However, I started working on the shirt, and I actually like the result. I thought I'd fuck up, because I decided to go with this technique where you cut out the picture you want to paint onto something of some plastic and just paint on top of it, and then remove the plastic. I can't remember what this technique is called for my life, so I'll just provide you with some pictures of what I did and how it turned out.

 On the pic to the left you can see the technique I was attempting to
describe in the text above, I just painted over it and removed the plastic,
and the result is displayed on the right (obviously). The paint appears
a little lighter in the picture than in real life.

After finishing up the shirt I started working on the ribbon and well, it's also done, asides from the green blood stains on it, I'll add those later. And I painted the horns and purchased a headband for them. How I'm going to attach them to it remains a mystery, but I do have a few ideas for how I could go about it.

 Front and back. The symbol on the shirt looks a little weird
here because I didn't let it dry completely before taking
these pics, so it might appear a liittle bulky or something, idk.

The horns with paint.

I suppose that'd be it for this update, I'll probably be back soon with some progress on the skirt.  I'm currently planning how to make it, and it's surprisingly hard to figure it out, mainly because there's no given reference on how the back looks like, and the folds on the side. But I'll figure it out eventually. An then there's the wig. I ordered it and it shipped a couple of days ago, so I will probably get it in time, but more update on that when it arrives. Stay tuned until then.

And just for fun I'll throw in some pics of Kanaya outfits I'd love to make in the future asides from the red dress. No guarantees these two will happen tho, seeing as I'm super lazy hehe.. Especially that black one, nom nom.


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