Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pre-con stress anyone?

(For you English speaking readers, the Facebook post basically says that the con starts in exactly two weeks.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bernkastel pics and Umineko stuff~

The title basically tells you everything. I got some more pictures of Bernkastel at Tampere Kuplii, so I'm gonna post them here nor. This cosplay is SO. UNFLATTERING though. I look like a little derp in straight bangs and that dress, it's just a fact :''B Oh well, here you go anyway;

Photos by
Bleh, the front of the dress didn't want to stay neat this day, as you can see from the pics the black part of it is folding in a weird manner. Whatever.

Moving on, I've slowly (veeeery slowly) started to work on my awesome Desucon cosplay. And I really haven't worked on it too much, to be honest I'm thinking of waiting with this one and make it for some other con.... But I'd REALLY like to have it from Desu, so we'll see about that. I have made some progress on the costume tho, so I'll show you that.

Firstly, I made.. 

A BODYSUIT!! 404 shame not found, loading up pics like this and shit. Ok it's not that horrible... I'm just.. posing... In a skin tight suit. With a censor bar over my face since I looked like a retarded donkey. Legit. Anyway yeah, that's what I made, and it's going to be underneath the rest of the cosplay, all that will be seen is the stomach and bottom part (yes, I'll be kind of pantless.) I'll still add some lace to it, and then the bodysuit will be done~

And secondly, I cut out a sword shape out of plexiglass. I'll still paint it a little and it'll be done.

Yeah. It's see through. I'll paint some red lines on it later, since the character have this funky sword thingy going on, so it's just made up of some random red lines. I'm totally enjoying keeping the character a secret btw haha. But I will reveal who it is soon, you'll think I'm crazy for making her within a small time frame like this, but oh well~ 


Monday, May 7, 2012

Alois Trancy Photos

Two blogposts in one day?! Now that's absolutely insane, seeing as I usually update about once a month or something haha. However, I got the pictures from our Kuroshitsuji shoot, and I finished editing them and picking out my favorites, so I just thought, why not? I'm going to put them up here anyway, so I can just as well do it today as tomorrow. I'll just start putting them up then~

That's it, I will upload some more to my account later, but thy're currently updating their site and I don't know exactly when they will be back, but there is a link to my account under the Other Sites You Can Find Me At-headline to the right on here. As soon as the site is back up I'll be putting up my Alois pictures. And what else, I'm really happy with these pics, they turned out great, and the settings were just so beautiful!

Photographer: (thank you so so much! ^^)
And I was the Alois (well yeah) haha, I also did some editing


Tampere Kuplii in shortness

Tampere Kuplii (aka the con where no pictures were taken by me) has passed and it was a really fun con. I went to Tampere on Friday night, and on Saturday it was con time! Although it was raining it wasn't too cold, probably because I was in cosplays. I have yet to make a cosplay that doesn't make me sweat buckets... Anyway,  I cosplayed Bernkastel and it was nice to get to cosplay her again, since she's a character I absolutely adore (I think I "mentioned" that in a previous post too. Mentioned as in totally ranted about how awesome she is for way too long). Not many people seemed to recognize me though, she isn't a THAT popular character, but I usually have more people recognize me when cosplaying her. And I was constantly confused for Stocking too since I hung out with this lovely lady in her Panty cosplay. I'm pretty sure half of the pictures taken of me were taken by people who confused me for Stocking. I didn't even have her blue/pink hair, Berns hair is just blue.... Oh well haha, I don't really care since some people recognized me as Bernkastel too~
Hmm, more about Saturday.. Yeah well I went to watch the cosplay competiotion, and there were some pretty cool costumes in it. I actually managed to snap a couple of pics of the competitors, but that's pretty much it, I didn't feel like taking pictures on Saturday and I spent pretty much all of Sunday in panels and having a photoshoot in an awesome park.
And that brings me to Sunday, when I cosplayed Alois. We got up pretty late for a con day, at 10.30 AM (compared to the 7 AM the day before lol) and we made it to the con just in time for Hanskus wig panel at 1 PM. And then well, we attended another panel after hers and then we went photoshooting, eating and then it was pretty much already 4.40 PM and I had to leave since my train left at 5.04. 

So, as I did after all take a couple of pics of the competition I could as well post them here (I'm sorry for them being slightly blurry, I sat really far from the stage, camera wise, so I had to zoom really much). Click for bigger pics.; 

Yeah lol, as mentioned, I sat faaar from the stage.

And finally a somewhat (really) blurry group picture of the contestants.

Overall it was a really fun con, cons are always awesome, but I really can't wait for the bigger summer cons since cons and summer pretty much walk hand in hand. And that also reminds me... Only five weeks left until Desu.

Speaking about Desu, I still have to reveal my cosplay plans for that con, but there willbe a post about that after I've put up some of the photoshoot pictures from TK~