Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Frostbite in a nutshell

Because creative titles are overrated. Oh well, just like everyone else I'll write a little about Frostbite, what happened, what I did, what I cosplayed and what I fangirled over, what was awesome and what wasn't as awesome. I'll start with the not so awesome, the cold. It was freezing outside and shitloads of cold cold snow, but ok, this is Finland, I have to accept my fate as a citizen of this cold country in the North. And after all, the con was called Frostbite, what to expect? Moving on to the more awesome and good thing about this con, well, I could write you a full length essay on everything that was fun and awesome, but I'll keep it really short, hopefully. I'll just start with what I did at Friday and then move on and write about Saturday and then Sunday. 

Ok, so I arrived to Omenahotelli before anyone else I'd share room with, so for 15 minutes there I had my own hotel room. How legit isn't that?! I walked from Lahti railway station and despise having the same sense of where I am like a goose or something I managed to find my way to the hotel thanks to my trusty phone with built in GPS. When the rest of the people arrived we proceeded to doing some wig styling and unpacking our cosplays. And partying. 

Even though we went to bed fairly late at Friday night we woke up quite early in Saturday morning, starting to do our makeup and put all of our cosplay gear on. Me and Hansku cosplayed Rei and Saeko from Highschool of the Dead, pictures of those cosplays will be up here on my blog a little later, but not in this exact post. We checked out the con area, went to the con opening ceremony thing, chilled around for a bit, fangirled over various cosplays/cosplayers and at 12 we had a photoshoot. Or we were supposed to have one, but our photographer never showed up. After waiting for him for about 20 minutes we decided to go ask the info, and in the end the photographer we were supposed to have was nowhere to be found, but we got another one instead, which worked out perfectly fine. After the photoshoot we did some more lagging, we went to check out the dealers room, AMV room and anime room, and I can assure you, I've never seen a worse anime than the one they showed in the anime room that day, that shit was called Switch, and I literally fell asleep while watching it. I also met some people I haven't seen in quite some time that day, so that was really fun too. 
Later in the evening that day, after we were back at the hotel I started to unpack my Kanaya cosplay, and to my great horror it was all wrinkly. However, I did not fret, I had brought my awesome mini iron from the 80's! The only problem was.. there was no ironing board. So I ended up using the wall and floor as my ironing board, but it worked so... yay? 

Then, Sunday. We woke up even earlier. Or we were supposed to, I know I overslept. FUCK. I was supposed to get up at 6.30, I got up at 7.28. And I had to do a full face/neck and hand makeup/paint that morning ad I cosplayed Kanaya. Because cosplaying humans is too mainstream, I prefer to be an alien. Luckily I had packed most of my shit the night before, so I didn't have to stress too much about that. We took all our stuff and got into the car and left for the con again, and one of my Kanaya horns ended up falling off in the car and I didn't notice, so when we walked in through the door I noticed it was gone, and so was the car. Double fuck. I got it back eventually, and this time we glued it stuck, so now it isn't going anywhere. We went to a couple of panels and lectures that day, the Pokémon one was just fucking hilarious. And I talked real quick to some other Homestuck cosplayers, and they liked my cosplay, so yay for that~ Then I bought some manga and the con was nearing its end. I got on the train (still in all my facepaint and horns and all, I had nowhere to put them...) and got back home. I had an awesome time, and I'm definitely looking forward to Desucon this summer! ^^

That would be my con experience, shorted down as much as possible, and now I'll get to what I actually do what I was supposed to do when I made this post. Show you some pics~

Mystogan and the Shiva sisters, such awesome cosplays *__*

Because taking pics of people you know is totally
mandatory :3

I did not, I repeat NOT take these awesome pics,
that was all Hansku, but the pics were so nice
and the cosplays so awesome so I kind of sneakily
copied them from her blog because....
....I pretty much lack pictures of non Homestuck related stuff. 
But I'm ok with that, i love Homstuck~

There you have three Homestuck related pics, I 
do have a couple more, but I'll not post all of them.
God how I love all of the cosplays above.

Now, moving on to some pictures of me while in my Kanaya cosplay, as I stated earlier, the Rei ones will come later. I want to seriously thank Hansku for taking these and photoshopping my eyes in all of them, that must have been a major pain in the ass..


 I dunno why, but I like that last pic a lot, it's just so... Kanaya o__o But that'd be all that there is for this post, if you want to see more pics of my Kanaya cosplay/my cosplays in general you should go to my cosplay.com gallery right here. I'll put some pics up there once I have time to, probably quite soon, but I'll have to resize all of them first since you can't put up very large files in their gallery, but oh well, these pics and the rest will be there soonish.



  1. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS POST EVER SINCE FROSTBITE. ÖWÖ Huuuu, sounds so nice..~ U even met my friend there, I see. XD The Dave on uh that one pic.. with some other homestuckers. XD

    1. Aaaw, well, here it is! ^u^ Omg awesomeness, I didn't talk to her tho, just took a quick pic :c You need to introduce me sometime >8DD Haha joking, men yeah.. I hope you I enjoyed the post and whatnot, om du hadd sett fram emot den ahaha *u*

  2. Ironing on floors and walls and whatnot sounds... interesting. xD
    And I must say FrostBite was awesome for me too, although now that you both wrote about the Pokémon panel I kinda regret I didn't attend it being a long-time Pokémon fan. Why am I so lazy about attending panels? OTL *kicks self*

    1. It was interesting indeed, but id did work out after many minutes and many bad words >u<
      Yay I'm glad you enjoyed it~ Yeah, it was quite good actually, I'm not an avid panel attendant myself, but I felt I had to go to this one 8D The room was REALLY full tho, we had to sit on the floor, and the room was stuffed with people *__*
      Aaah, varföör skriver jag bara på engelska idag, when answering comments? Oh well, can't be helped, English rocks :B