Saturday, January 28, 2012

==> Obtain shoes

Ok, I love my mom at times, today she went to a nearby flea-market, and she came home with a pair of shoes for me that are totally gonna be usable for some future cosplay project, most likely for America (not the canon uniform version tho, a little more casual one, like the America in this video |link|.) from Hetalia if I have time to make that cosplay, which I hopefully will, since I'd just have to alter some sort of jacket and buy a wig, I already have glasses, pants and the shoes ofc~
And the shoes might be usable for Police!Stocking too, they are a little too high to be just like the original art, but they would suit the cosplay. I have to wait and see about that.

Wearing these makes me really fucking tall... Taller than my dad, and that's creepy, they
don't look too high, but apparently they are. And those are the pants I'll use for
America if I decide to cosplay him, which is really tempting, I'd love to cosplay
some more Hetalia.. But as I said previously, I'll have to wait and see about that~

And talking about shoes, I ordered a pair of red heels for my future Gisen cosplay, and damn, those shoes are so cool, even though ordering them made me go pretty much bankrupt. Not completely, but almost. I can't wait for them to get here!

The shoes, they're so pretty, I hope they get here quickly so I can start practicing 
walking in them, luckily I won't wear them to a con until July, so I have lots of time
to break them in.

That's it for the shoes, now moving on to some new cosplay plans. Firstly, you may have seen that I earlier in this post mentioned police!Stocking, and yeah, she's one of my new plans. I've been wanting to cosplay from PSWG ever since I watched it, and now I've got a Panty (my partner in crime will be, and yes, you'll be an awesome Panty, we're so doing this :3) to cosplay with me. It's still unknown which con we'll be wearing these cosplays, but sometime this year.

I couldn't find any official pics, so here is a fanart version, Panty
to the left and Stocking to the right. Oh god, wearing this will
be both fun and creepy o__o

And secondly, Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji II, the season nobody liked lol, but yeah, Alois is totally cool, and it'll be fun to try cosplaying a boy for once haha, that's actually the main reason I'm looking forward to cosplay him. (And I'll just ignore that he totally looks like a girl and that I'll probably be wearing more makeup than for my female cosplays) And the fact that he's completely insane doesn't exactly make him any less temping, cosplaying insane characters is fun. I'll cosplay him at Tampere Kuplii with as Ciel Phantomhive in May, so progress posts concerning him are probably soon gonna start pop up on this blog.

Evil little boy yay~

And with those two pics I'll finish this post off, have a nice day or whatever a suitable finishing line would be.


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