Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saya Progress

As I didn't really have everything I needed to finish my Rei cosplay, I decided to start making the skirt for Saya. As I mentioned in my earlier post, my original plan was to dye some blue lace black and use it for the lower edge of the skirt, but the dye apperantly didn't work at all on the lace I had, so I had to rethink the process, and after taking a good look at some pictures of her, I figured making ruffles on the lower edge would work just as well, if not even better. Sometimes, things failing can apperantly be a good thing.

Looks more like ruffles than lace to me. The picture I posted 
of her a while ago in my Plans for 2012 post implies the same thing.

So I began sewing, starting out with the black underskirt. Things weren't exactly coming along smoothly, but I can blame a horrible headache, a cold and an obnoxious cat for that one. Eventually I ended up with something looking like this;
It doesn't look much in the picture like in real life, but oh well, this is the
 only picture I have, as my camera was running out of battery. 

Also, my cat apperantly was of the opinion that she had conquered my 
fabric, and that I no longer was allowed to touch it, which resulted in cutting
things out became way harder than it should have been....

After finishing the underskirt part, I started to work on the red part. I don't have much to say about that one, it was fairly simple, basically a pleated skirt. Some changes have been made since the following picture, but my camera died, so this is the last picture I have of it. I didn't do much after this picture though, I ironed it to make the pleats look better, moved the red part a little so the black would show less and sewed the two skirts together, they're only pinned together in the pic.

I still have to make some sort of waistband and add the zipper, but after that it should be done.



  1. Aaaw your cat is super cute : D What's her name?

  2. ;____; I just died, your cat is too adorable<3

    The skirt is looking good! : )

  3. Hansku: Her name is Linnéa, my dad named her orz.... Not as bad as our other cat who is named Curt though ^^'

    Defia: Haha aaw ;u; And thankies, I'm glad you like it! 8D