Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And it's finished!

Or at least mostly finished, I have some details I'll still fix, but overall, I'm finaly done! I'm talking about my Rei cosplay in case you didn't know. And I'm so. happy. I managed to sew on that godforsaken zipper. Zippers and I are no good match, I always manage to fuck them up, and this time I had to sew one onto the front of the shirt. I thought it'd be one hell of a battle, but I got it right on the first try. Good job, me. 
I could go on forever about how awesome I feel at the moment, but I'll shut up and provide you with some pictures of this miracle, behold the glory of my HOTD uniform~

Please excuse the lack of good looking poses, I just wanted some fast pictures of it. And yes, I'm only wearing one sock in the top right picture, it looks like I have only one foot orz... Oh, this time you can see the light green side part too, that one sure gave me a headache, as no actual sideseam existed, which made the pattern drafting harder than usual, but I solved it somehow. And I'll remake the bow in the front, that one is just too small, it looks ridiculous. And just look at the miracle in the front, no zipper is visible! I think a booyeah would be suitable in a situation like this.
Of course there are things I'm not too happy with about this cosplay too, like the skirt for an example, but I have time to fix them, as the con is in January. I do have the right socks and wig too, I just didn't bother to put them on for these pictures, I might upload some pictures when I'm wearing all of it later though~

Otherwise I've not been up to much, I've purchased some fabric for my Meredy cape (or possibly Saya skirt, if I decide to remake it, I'm not sure yet), and I'll hopefully start working on in somewhat soon, I want it to become awesome. I have suffered of an enormous lack of motivation lately, but I'm slowly getting it back. 

Meredy cape fabric, it feels really good and has a nice flow to it, so 
I think it'll look great as a cape. The color in the picture is a little
off though, it's a little darker and not as vibrant in real life. I think.

I'm also looking for a wig for my Saya cosplay atm, but I'll post more about that later ^^


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  1. Wow! Really great job. What about the skirt didn't you like? Based on the picture, I didn't see anything wrong with it.

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