Saturday, October 22, 2011

Unnecessary update ahead~

Just as already stated in the title, I'll now post a completely unnecessary update. Why? Because I can, that's why.

I went to Eurokangas yesterday to purchase some fabric for my Saya skirt. I went there with high hopes, since well, her skirt is dark red, shouldn't be too hard to find, no? But nope, no such fabric could be found, and on top of it all, I was also going to buy the cheapest black cotton fabric the kind that costs like, 5 euro per meter I could find for the under layer of the skirt, but again, nope, there was no such thing as a cheap, black cotton fabric, so I ended up purchasing some kind of polyester blend, because my brain went into money saving mode, and it was the cheapest black I could find and it was 8 euro per meter... 8, I mean come on... But well, it's just for the under layer, I'll survive this major crisis in my life.

But now, back to the story of the red fabric. I couldn't find an accurate blood red fabric for Saya, so I decided to go with the closest shade I could find, which was a lighter red than I intended to buy, but still not that kind of creepy super vibrant red, and I took a serious look at my fabric today, and I came to the conclusion that it could have been worse, I actually like the red I ended up with, it's a nice color. And I also looked up some other people that have cosplayed her, and most of them seem to have used a lighter shade of red than what's accurate. What's up with this apparently worldwide shortage of blood red fabric?

And as for a beautiful ending of a glorious trip to the fabric store, black lace is apparently a completely unknown concept for Eurokangas. I ended up with a dark blue lace that I'll attempt to dye black, since I figured if I tried to make a white lace black, I'd probably end up with some grey inbetween shade, and making a dark blue black would be easier. I might be wrong though, I'll have to experiment a bit with that.

But something that actually was great about my shopping trip was that I was able to get hold of a couple of black knee socks, also for Saya, for as little as 3.45e. Awesome. I also bought some Got2b Glued hairspray and styling gel/glue/whatever, for the styling of my Rei wig, more on that later.

The socks and fabric I purchased. The red is actually a little darker than in this picture,
but it's still not as dark as I'd have preferred it, but oh well. Oh, and there's also the creepy
black fabric, just look at it, see how creepy it is? And the dark blue lace that I'll have 
to dye, Dylon dye, we meet again,

And as I previously stated, there will now be some info on my Rei wig. As soon as I got home I unpacked my Got2b stuff and hairdryer and started working on the antennas. I already knew that I wouldn't make them quite as long and thick as the ones in the manga and anime, because I generally like the more natural look with smaller antennas. Because having chunks of hair standing right up from your head is completely natural.
Things went along great, for a change, with the first antenna, it was surprisingly easy as I've never done any actual styling before, but the second antenna decided to be a total bully, and just didn't want to look alright.
Just look at that bastard, not wanting to stand up straight, just sagging down. 

But apparently, when it comes to wigs, there is nothing a little more hairspray and heat can't do, so a little hairspraying, heating and antenna taming later, it turned out alright.

Wohoo, antenna problem is now kinda solved! It even looked okay when
I tried it on! Score! Yes, I'm using a glass jar as wighead, and yes, 
my room is a complete mess.

I guess that'll be it for this rather text heavy update. Nothing major, basically just me ranting about various things, I hope I didn't scare anyone away haha~
I didn't get as much done this weekend as I had hoped for, but I'll work harder next weekend instead. I'm a master of procrastinating like that.



  1. fhsjkzmkla AMANDA oh my god I love your blog BUT I STILL HATE YOU BUT MY GOD I LOVE YOU I have twisted feelings. I hate you cause you're so awesome, I love you cause you're so awesome, I'm jealous of you cause you're so awesome, I adore you cause you're so awesome. WHOOT SHOULD I DUUUHHH!?? omigosh still omigosh poejsnlkölk you make my head boom :''c

  2. I'm glad you like it bro <3 ;u; Men pfft, int e jag nu so fucking awesome int ^^' You're awesome too, like, totally! OvO