Thursday, October 13, 2011

First post yay~

So, I decided to make a blog. I never thought I'd actually make one, even though I've thought about it several times. But now that I've actually made one, I'll try to keep it somewhat updated. Not promising anything though. But I guess a good start would be to tell everyone what this blog is supposed to be about. You probably already guessed, but yeah, it's mainly going to revolve around cosplay, since that is what my life mainly seems to revolve around, orz. 
I'll post some stuff about my cosplay plans, post progress pictures, and probably ramble about cosplay related things. Yes I ramble. A lot. But I will try keeping my rambling to a minimum.

And just like all bloggers seem to do, I'll now start making empty promises about future possible updates. Since it's Friday tomorrow I'll probably have time over for working on my current project, Rei from Highschool of the Dead, so I might upload some progress pictures~

Miyamoto Rei (HOTD)


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