Thursday, October 20, 2011

Plans for 2012

So, in lack of any actual progress to post about, I figured I could list my cosplay plans for 2012 instead. There are of course more cosplays I'd like to make, but the ones I'm listing here are the ones I certainly will make, no matter what. I'm still not sure about what I'll make for which con in most cases though~

Firstly there is Rei Miyamoto, I've already posted some progress pics of her as you might have seen, 
but still, she's a plan for 2012. I'm debuting this cosplay at Desucon Frostbite in January.

A cosplay I'm also debuting at Frostbite is Kisaragi Saya from Blood-C.  
It will be my first time making a katana, but hopefully it'll turn out alright . 
I'm going to start on this one as soon as I finish making my Rei cosplay, 
so you'll probably see progress pics of this cosplay in a not too far away future.

Sakura Kyouko from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.
 I'm looking forward to cosplaying her so much, she's just plain awesome! 
She will be debuted sometime during the summer, not sure on what con yet though.

Meredy/Meldy from Fairy Tail. Finding a decent picture was hard as google doesn't
 seem to want to cooperate with me any longer, but she's the girl in the front with the cape.
 For you who doesn't know her color scheme, her hair is pink, her cape red with golden trim,
 the wings on her head are gold, her bodysuit is purple and the darker parts of 
it are black. Her boots are also black.

Gisen Yagyu from Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls. All the other characters
 I cosplay are so pale, and then suddenly there's Gisen who just isn't, so I
 don't know how to handle that one orz... I could get some kind of fake tan, 
but that'd just be so messy and all. She isn't as tanned in the anime as she's in the picture above though, so 
I could probably get away with not being as tanned as her. 

So that is basically my plans for 2012, as I said at the beginning of this post, there are several characters I'd love to make, Vriska [link] and Eridan [link] and lots of other characters from Homestuck, Natsuru Senou [link]  from Kämpfer among others, if I wrote all the cosplays I want to make down, the list would just be too long. But I am seriously hoping that I'll have time for some Homestuck cosplays, because Homestuck is just <3 Plus, the costumes are pretty simple~
But hopefully I will make more than the ones listed with pictures, especially considering that two out of five of them will be done by January, and none of the others seems to be a major challenge sewing wise. (or well, Kyouko could be challenging, but otherwise). Gisens sword and Sayas katana will probably be a challenging though, but oh well, I'll just have to start on them in time.
I think that's all I have to say about my plans for next year ^^



  1. I like your plans a lot : D Lots of pretty girls~ (what's with those socks/stockings of Gisen? 8D Not that I didn't like them)

    I think that in the case you want to look more tanned, you can use sun powder. It makes your skin appear more dark.

  2. Yup, pretty girls are awesome 8D (Haha I don't really get them either, but hey, they look kinda cool, so it's okay : D)

    Yeah, I've been considering that, and that's probably how I'm going to do it too :) Luckily, her hair is white, which makes anyone look more tanned than they actually are 8D