Friday, April 4, 2014

Scary weapons and weird pants

I'm back with another Sinon progress post! I'm dedicated to documenting all that happens with this costume, and so far so good. Since the last post I have pretty much finished the jacket, finished the pants and gotten working on her rifle, which is a major pain in the ass to make but hopefully it'll look cool. Hopefully.
     I'll start off with the jacket. I ordered some studs off eBay and to my great joy they arrived quickly I wish I could say the same about my wig. When I first saw them I thought crap, they're too small, but when I placed them on her jacket, and pants and belt, this gal is all about studs, they looked rather nice like so; 

I threw in a pic of the studs in a bag and the jacket on a hanger for your viewing pleasure, I'm a generous bloghost. The jacket looks crooked on the last pic, but it really just doesn't want to pose nicely and decided not to hang properly on its hanger. Oh and I also added a zipper for her white stripe on the jacket. It never looks like a zipper in the reference pictures, but I thought it looked really awesome with a zipper in that spot, it is after all a logical place to put a zipper on a jacket. I typed zipper really many times there. Zipper.
Moving on, I added the collar and the cuffs, attached the lining and voila, it now looks something like this;

A smile, what is that? No cosplay is serious business. We also don't have a single full body mirror in this house in which you can take pictures in a nice light, so these two will have to do. At least you can see the general shape and such of the jacket. And note the awesome buttons on the pockets, they are these kind of buttons;

So in other words my pockets are like the fanciest thing I have ever made. I still love the fact that they work. Yeah, you can see how much effort I put into most of my cosplay, since I'm super excited about functional pockets.
     Moving onwards and downwards, pants. The pants aren't that complicated really, even though there are multiple elements to them. I made some black booty shorts earlier to cover that part of her pants, and I later made the green leg parts of her pants. I feel like that description got a whee bit confusing so I'll throw in a reference picture for you;

Those are some funky pants. but hopefully now you see where I'm getting at. So, back to pant making, it wasn't hard to make, I just made a pattern for the legs and the side pieces, added some studs and had something looking like this;

And bias tape of course. There will be about 20 meters of bias tape on the finished costume. That's sort of nuts... I attached the parts and got this;

More fancy mirror shots! You can sort of see how they look like here, but then again they do look better now that they're all finished. Heck I've even lined them. I lined pants, that's weird if you ask me. Anyways, I moved onto making the belt which was not a complicated process, a straight strip of fake leather with some tuning ended up like this;

More studs and a semi unaccurate belt buckle, but it was the closest functional belt buckle I could find. It's easily exchanged too if I ever find a better one. And finally, the belt, with the pants, looks like this in its finished state when not worn;

You can see some of my fancy black lining there as well. These were really simple to make and took like, two days of slow work to finish, but I do like the result.

     And I'm not done yet, I'll throw in some exciting pics of my progress on her rifle. I'm thinking of doing a separate post on that when I've gotten further but this is what I've got so far;

 Such weapon. Much scare. Wow. Yeah I don't have much, but it's slowly happening. It'd be nice to have something like worbla to work with but silly me is doing the budget version using around the hose items and gesso. So far the total cost of this is 5e, and I spent that on some shit I'm not even gonna use. So for the materials in the pics, 0e.


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