Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Future cosplay plans! Or well, plan.

Wow, a second blogpost within a week. This must be a really good way of avoiding studying which is exactly what I should be doing right now. Not like I have som really important exams coming up, noooo, I have all the time I want to make cosplay and write about it.
   Honestly though, I'm super excited for my upcoming cosplay. It is so different from anything I've ever done before, and so far working on it has been super fun. The character I'm making is Sinon from Sword Art Online, Phantom Bullet Arc.

 Another SAO cosplay in other words... This time from an arc that hasn't even aired as anime yet. I love the design of SAO characters, they're really detailed compared to many other anime designs, and the anime was decent as well. Not best anime ever, but ok enough to cosplay from it haha. I chose this character in particular since I wanted to sign up for Cosvisions competition, and I needed a cosplay that would be "contest material". This character instantly popped into my head, and I decided to go for her. I also really like the fact that her design is very different from what I've made before (mostly school uniforms, old-timey dresses, fantasy looking stuff), and I really wanted to try out making something with a more modern look. Plus, she looks badass. I mean really, she does.
   So I obviously rushed to the fabric store so i could get going with this project, and even though I was just planning to buy just some of the fabric I ended up finding so much awesome fabric that I could not contain myself and ended up getting materials for all of her outfit except for the scarf.

I was especially concerned about finding the green fabric for her jacket, since finding specific shades of colors like green is really hard at the small Eurokangas in Vasa. At first I found a semi good fabric which I almost ended up buying.... And then my awesome boyfriend found the perfect green, perfect texture, perfect price fabric in the bottom of a pile of fabric rolls! So all in all I was very happy with my fabric for this costume ^^
   I started out with making the bodusuit thing she has going on, and it really wasn't that interesing od a process except for the boobie cup part. Not only did they look different in every reference picture, they were also annoying to make. But in the end I defeated them and while the bodysuit isn't 100% done, I've gotten quite some work done on it.

Not looking very flattering in these pics but oh well. Those green camping mat parts will of course be covered, painted and fixed up before I attach them for real.
   I also started working on the jacket, and I must say I'm loving how it's turning out so far. I really haven't gotten that much done since I started working on it like, yesterday, but I've made some progress~

Fingers closeup! But no, what i wanted to showcase is the FUNCTIONAL pockets. I'm really way more proud of them than I should be but I mean... They work! So cool. (Those black tiny spots are leftovers from a ripped seam, so they really look even cleaner and neater for real). I also made a sleeve yesterday but I made all the applique on the wrong side, so I'll fix that before I post any pics of that wonder. That should be it for now, I'll be back later with some more progress pictures. Bye for now~



  1. Hi! I'm planing to do a Sinon cosplay just like you, but before starting, I have a few question concerning your work, which I found truly amazing. First, how many fabric did you used. I'm asking that because I don't wanna end up with to much fabric, or worst, not enough. Secondly, did you use a pattern that you buy for your cosplay, or did you create your own? I have some hard time finding good pattern.

    Thank for answering my question! And I hope I didint bother you!

    1. Oh no, you're not bothering at all :3. If I recall correctly I used about 2 m of the main green fabric (all fabrics I refer to are ~150 cm wide) for this costume (jacket and pants) and the same amount of black lining fabric for the inside. I lined both the pants and the jacket. Then I had about 1,5 meter of white cotton fabric, for all the details and her bodysuit, plus the same amount of white lining fabric (again, I lined literally every part of this costume, which might have been a little overkill really. Then I had 1 m of stretchy pleather for the shorts and gloves and parts of the bodysuit. I also used some scrap fabric I already owned for details like the belt and the pouches on the belt. I can't remember exact amounts but it was not much. All in all, there is a lot of fabric in this costume. But those are the amounts I used, and I didn't have enough to make big mistakes at least. I'd maybe recommend getting a little more than I did if you think you might make mistakes along the way, especially of the main green fabric. It's not that hard to find mire black or white fabric, but finding more green of the exact same shade can be impossibly difficult.
      As for patterns, I used some old pattern I had at home but it was heavily modified. My tip would be to get a really basic jacket pattern and modify that so that it suits your needs :). I hope that helped, if you have more questions feel free to ask ^^

  2. Thank you a lot! It will really help me!