Thursday, April 10, 2014

Posting craze! About rifles and scarfs this time~

I don't think I have ever been as active of a blogger as I am at the moment. But I'm super excited about Sinon and this entire project so you'll just have to deal with it haha. But I shall try not to ramble very much as I usually do in my posts, so I'll stop beating around the bush and show you what masterpieces I have created this time around.
     Kicking off with a fancy scarf that I made yesterday in a couple of hours. The design is really simple, and I chose to make the scarf like a tube sort of thing for more thickness, since Sinons scarf does look very big. I chose fleece for the material because hey, it's a scarf, so that works, and because it gives an accurate look to the overall piece. 

The whole thing measures 2,5 meters, which is a pretty damn long scarf. I made applique for the first time ever as well for the symbol on there, and it turned out pretty damn good if I may say so myself. It was a bit tricky since the symbol is fairly small, but it worked out since I did it nice and slow.

     And now for, at least according to me, more exciting stuff! The monster and most important piece of this cosplay, her rifle. I have never made something like this before, so it's really all trial and error. But I like it, I definately enjoy making it more than I thought I would. Which is great since it takes forever to make. I've used cardboard as my main material, with a side of camping mat and craft foam. That cocktail of materials may seem a bit so-so for something that is supposed to look like metal, but I find that with enough patience, gesso and sandpaper, most things can become really nice and smooth. I have yet to finish the rifle, so I'll make a part 2 about its making later on. But I really do feel like I want to share what I've made so far right now, and I welcome all feedback, both positive and negative, so that I can fix anything that doesn't look quite right, and maybe polish something that looks awesome even futher. So please, if you have time, it'd be nice if you left some feedback so I can make this prop look awesome :3.
     I've decided making it completely non-functional, the barrel doesn't move or anything, because I want to mainly focus on the aesthetics of it. 

I started out with printing a life-size reference picture for myself, just so I'll get the scale of the parts done right. I also made it the same size as the real life rifle model Sinons rifle is based on (PGM Hecate II). So everything is correct and to scale. As you can see I started with a simple base and started building onto it.

As you could see from my previous post I had already pretty much finished the handle and magazine part asides from paint and the trigger, and in the top picture you can see how it looks paired up with the other part. And as illustrated in the picture below, everything was endlessly covered in gesso and sanded and repeat.

Further detail was added as you can see in the pictures. I added the end piece on the barrel and those things where the barrel connects to the body of the gun. I have no idea what function those fill, but hey, they look cool. In the lower left picture you can see the scope coming together, but it's still far from done.

I then started working on the stock. The inside is cardboard, and then I glued on layers of camping mat that I shaped into the right shape with a hobby knife. Then I had to do something I just really don't like, paper maché. It just never works for me, but there was no way around it, I had to do it. And thus my stock is currently looking like a newspaper blob with a toilet paper roll on it. Absolutely beautiful. But that will of course change, I just have to wait for the god damn paper maché to dry. That's totally not why I'm writing this post, to waste time until it dries. 

And finally, a shot of the rifle in the state it is in right now. I just attached the barrel handle whatever and added some detail. I'm soon going to get the whole magazine and handle and all that on there, so that should be really exciting. Hopefully it all sticks together and doesn't fall apart.


     I figured it'd be cool to put the parts next to each other. Except for the scope which is still covered in wet gesso. Also the stock is going to be closer to everything else, but because wet gesso I couldn't put it in its proper spot so now it's derping there next to the rifle.

     That's all I've got for now, I hope you enjoyed and maybe even learned something. I'm realizing I've definately underestimated cardboard as a material, it's quite cool to work with really. But yeah, bye for now, I will post a part 2 about this rifle project later on, so stay tuned~



  1. Hello and congratulations for your work on this Sinon cosplay. I'm usually not a big fan of cosplays involving firearms because people tends to either denaturate the looks of it (and they're probably not to blame since it's incredibly more difficult to model compared to let's say a sword) and/or just use cheap airsoft for the sake of not being bothered with it.

    For a first time, you did really well, especially after pictures and guesses about dimensions. The PGM Hecate II isn't a very well known rifle since it's :
    a) french
    b) only in use with 5 armies or so and in very limited numbers (a few hundreds)
    c) not had any remarkable appearance in pop culture with the exception of the "fallout : new vegas" video game where it is a useable weapon.

    Yet its angular design gives it this "signature look" some people may dig. Reki Kawahara may have when he wrote phantom bullet, and A1 pictures too, or it seems (since they also used another french rifle in the early moments of the second episode, a FRF2).

    About the thing itself, here are some advices if you're still working on it :

    The muzzle brake (huge piece of metal at the end of the barrel) isn't a perfect cube. It's a bit wider than what you did, and has a little horizontal angle. The lateral holes (for gaz evacuation) are a bit bigger too. That's not a big deal per se, but this part of the rifle being the most iconic, you could be interested in tweaking it if you have time and patience. ;)


    Some pics of it :

    (Sinon's version of Hecate II rifle here, with some camo paint on it, and the wide muzzle brake visible)


    (latest modernised version of the rifle with a different polymer stock and grip, barrel is partly covered by a "bedding block" (the additionnal tube and cone) at the junction with the receiver. It's there to strengthen the barrel's assembly and maintain great accuracy over its lifetime. Yet the muzzle brake stays the same.


    Sinon's rifle is a first generation Hecate II with a wooden stock and grip, and a first generation Hecate II barrel. The Hecate "first" being the prototype that was developped in 1991 for the Balkan's war french urban operations, rwith the help of special forces and foreign legion snipers, every Hecate in service is a "Hecate 2" by default, hence the name. ;)


    All the rest is next to perfect for a thing made out off cardboard. Dimensions, form of the grip (which is a tough one).

    You obviously could not manage to have a thin trigger guard using cardboard yet the thing still has its identity, which is great.

    So I guess you'll have much success and fame in any given convention if you happen to meet some gunnut/military otaku there.

    I tip my hat off to you and wish you'll keep this taste for details in your next cosplay's accessory crafting, firearm or not.


  2. Hi Amanda. I'm trying to build Sinon's sniper as you did and I have some questions for you. This is the first question: how did you cut the balls that you get with washing machine detergent?

  3. Thank you so much for posting all the details through your process of making her rifle! I'm starting her gun this week and am so intimidated by all the details of it XD you did such an amazing job with everything on her gun! Is there anyway you could post a list of all the materials you used and for what part of the gun?

    Thank you! ^_^
    NebulaNeko Cosplay

    1. I was really intimidated when I started making it as well, I felt like I had no clue about what to do ^^`
      And I guess ai could give a shot at posting a list right here. There isn't many different types of msterials used in this project tho :)

      Barrel/muzzle break:

      PVC pipe (barrel)
      Camping mat (The internal structure of the muzzle break. The outer visible parts are cardboard)


      PVC pipe
      Toilet paper rolls
      Craft foam (for details)
      Cardboard (for where it attaches to the body)
      Detergent balls

      Main body (incl. handle/magazine)

      Mostly just cardboard really
      Newspaper (for paper mache on the handle)
      Craft foam (for evening some places out or adding dimension)
      Glue sticks (I used one as the base for the handle with the ball at the end, and one in the part where the barrel connects to the body. If you take a close look you can probably identify them)


      Cardboard base
      Camping mat on top
      Newspaper (paper mache)
      Kitchen towel roll aka long toiletpaper roll

      I might have forgotten something, but all in all, anything green you see in the progress pics is camping mat, anything purple/grey is craft foam, brown is cardboard, and white means it's covered in gesso :D
      I hope that helped a little at least :3

    2. AGhhskldfl you're amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that! ^_^