Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I'm back. Again, oh boy. But I'll try to keep it short and simple this time around, even though I really don't possess the ability to do so. I finished my rifle for Sinon the other day, so naturally I'll focus mainly on that in this post. I might squeeze in some other stuff as well, I'll see about that. If there isn't any other stuff you'll get it eventually.

This was were I left off in my last post concerning the rifle, and while it was good on its way, it was far from finished. Many hours of sanding gesso had yet to be done. Seriously guys, if you don't like sanding gesso, don't pick this method of making any prop ever. Because if you want a nice even coat, you will have to do lots of sanding. Ironically I nowadays even work at a place that develops sandpaper, but that isn't relevant at all. You can probably already guess that I won't be keeping this short at all. Moving on, as you can see from the image above, what needed the most work was the stock. I had already covered it in paper mache, which I strongly dislike, and needed to make it smooth. Can you see where this is going?

Not much of interest happened, I covered it in a few layers of gesso, sanded, gesso, sanded, until I got it just like I wanted.

The first pic is a good example of how it looked like when it was not quite good yet, and the second pic shows you what I was trying to achieve. (Never mind the black spot on it, I accidentally got some paint on it, but no biggie.)
     Next up was the scope, and this was one of the parts that had me think the most. Eventually I ended up constructing it from softis, a PVC pipe, tape and toilet paper rolls. Very classy. You can probably guess what I covered it in as well.

Something that really had me think was the lenses in the scope. I had no idea what to make those out of, I wanted them to be a bit curved and over all cool looking. Out of the blue I asked my dad if he had any ideas to what I could make them out of, and at first he said that he had no clue. But a few days later he came to me with one of his most brilliant ideas ever. The balls that you get with washing machine detergent. They do have the right curve, and are easily cut into the size and shape I needed. This idea was so ridiculously awesome, I don't even.


I didn't put them in instantly though, I wanted to paint the rifle first. Here is how it looked like before paint;

And after the first coat;

Yeah you can totally see how it looks like, especially in the first pic /sarcasm/. After this first coat I decided to get things goinf with this rifle. Sinon uses her rifle all the time basically, so it wouldn't look brand new all shiny black at all. So I decided to add some wear and tear to it like so;

Yay, it looks like it has been used. The parts that are still white in this picture were painted respectively. The stock and handle will be painted to look like wood, and the magazine will be a silver metallic color, but lighter than the rest of the rifle. All of this was done in one sitting, so I only have pictures of the finished product left to show you. Take a moment to prepare yourself for the glory of my Sinon cosplay rifle, a replica of the Hecate II;

Hairspraybottle for scale haha. But yeah, there you have it. If you have more questions than this post could answer you are free to ask them and I'll try my best to answer. I'm now definitely too lazy to write anything else today, but I'll throw in a picture of me wearing the full cosplay (minus the scarf) so you can see how it is coming together;

Not 100% done yet, but it's definitely getting there. And it needs to be getting somewhere, i'm supposed to compete in this cosplay in less thank 2 weeks. Yikes. Anywho, I'll hopefully update again with some more stuff concerning this cosplay (does it ever end?) so until then, bye~


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  1. Hey Amanda! So I'm making the sniper the same way as you and I was wondering if you used Gesso for the entire thing or only for the stock and scope (if not what did you use on the rest of the body). Thanks, Rose.