Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wig review

Good day everyone! I decided to make a post that differs from my usual ones, I'll try my hands at making a wig review~ I don't know about you, but at least I like to read different kinds of reviews, and I figured it'd be nice to make one myself for once, so here we go;

I ordered my wig from the wig store (link) and just from hearing that some of you might already go "Oh no..." (or fuck yes, what do I know) and it is true that this company has a bit of a bad history and a bad reputation. However, I ordered from them since I really like their selection of colors, and they were the only ones who had a wig in the light blue shade I wanted. 
     I'll start off with how fast I received my wig. Or more correctly, how fast I didn't receive it. It took a whopping 3 weeks before they even shipped my order, a total of 15 business days. On their site it says "By default, wigs ship in 5-10 business days, unless otherwise noted". I call bullshit on that since it took way longer. I emailed them asking what was taking so long, and I did get a nice reply explaining that it was on its way from the manufacturer to them so they could ship it.Which to me sounds like the wig I ordered was out of stock, although I couldn't see this anywhere on their site. It shouldn't take 3 weeks to get an order shipped in my opinion, unless you warn the customer beforehand.
     Moving onto the actual shipping. It was silly expensive, 14 dollars, but again, I had no choice if I wanted that wig. It didn't actually take that lmany business days to get the wig, but since easter happened it took almost 3 weeks, however, only 11 business days. That does feel like an okay shipping time.
     The packaging was sort of only semi good. The wig was wrapped in a net like usual, but the bag it was in wasn't a ziplock bag or anything reusable, it was a really wrinkly plastic bag. And all that was inside of a USPS package of course. If it wasn't for me usually using the bags my wigs are shipped in for storage as well I wouldn't have any complaints, but since I do, a reusable bag would have been nice.
     And finally the most important part, the actual wig. It was just like pictured style wise, and I had expecting nothing less since they do use only thier own pictures. One thing I noticed though is that on their site they state that the inside caps are the same color as the wig, instead of black and beige like other wig companies usually have. Well guess what, in my light blue wig the cap was surely beige. However,this doesn't bother me personally, but since they actually advertise their caps being the same color as the fibers, it'd be nice to apply that to reality as well. Something else they advertise, and definately deliver, is a blend of different colored fibers in the wig to make it look less solid and more realistic. I love it when wigs have that feature, and therefore I love the blend of the wig I got as well. I can distinguish at least 3 different colors in there, and they work well together creating a nice shade of blue. The overall thickness of the wig and the quality of it are definately above your usual eBay wig. I'd place their quality right next to the quality of the wigs from (link). And I do like matchwigs a lot. Another plus in my case was the sizing. The wig fit me nicely, it wasn't as small as some chinese eBay wigs I have, but not as big as my Epiccosplay wig. In other words, a perfect fit. But I do have a small head, so you people with really big heads should maybe look for your wigs elsewhere.

TL;DR version:

Handling time: 1/5
Customer service: 4/5
Shipping cost: 2/5 (I've seen worse)
Shipping time: 4/5
Packaging: 3/5
Style: 5/5 (definitely like the pictures)
Color: 5/5
Overall quality: 4,5/5

So in short I guess I could say make sure you have time to wait for your wig if you order from this site, but if you do, the wig you'll receive is probably worth it!
     I'll finish off with some pictures of my new baby;

On my head in bathroom lighting, no flash and no makeup haha

Window lighting, no flash
 (it was a bad dark kind of window lighting though)

Close up of the top and the blended colors, no flash

Fabulous, but mandatory, indoor light, flash picture

That'll be it for this post, I'll be back shortly with more progress post. This is no empty lie, I do love flashing this cosplay all over the internet if I get the chance, so you'll get more of it, I won't have it any other way. Bye for now~


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  1. Oh, nice idea for a review! This was interesting to read. :)
    I've ordered from wig store way back when it was still called Cosworx (or something like that) and personally at least had a nice experience with no problems; then again this was back in the days before the (sometimes) horrible customer service and shipping times started - at least from experiences I've heard from others. Seems that nowadays coscom's wig shop is a bit of a hit-or-miss sort of thing if you will get your wigs shipped fast or not; but the quality is still nice. I've heard though that ever since they changed into the current wig line that the wig caps have gotten smaller but I can't compare myself because I only own wigs from the old Cosworx line.