Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saya Progress Part 2

Striking title there, utterly creative. However, that's just what the following post will be about. This specific post is going to include the progress of my katana for Saya, and also the wig. 
So, I've never really done anything of a prop or something like that before, so this is my very first time, and before I had worked on this project for long I realized that dealing with wood and powertools may not be one of my strongest aspects. I really don't think propmaking in general is really... As I lack any kind of explanation skills whatsoever, I'll just post a few pictures of my progress and explain around those instead, yayz.

What is pictured in those two photos above is a pattern for the katana I found on the internet, scaled and printed out. I figured just drawing a katana by free hand on a piece of wood wouldn't be the best way to go about this, hence the pattern.

 Then I cut the general shape out of my piece of wood, and I kinda started shaping the edges of the blade to get the sharp look, but I quickly realized that the whole piece of wood was too thick, and I have to make it thinner. Luckily my dad had lots of tools for there kind of things, otherwise I'd be screwed. So my project of the week will be to make the whole thing thinner and to sharpen the edges even more.
And if it wasn' obvious already, I will of course add wood to the handle, I won't leave it like that, I just figured it'd be nice to have some kind of foundation and start shaping the handle around it lol.

That would be it for the katana so far, now moving on to the wig business~
The wig just arrived today, and I of course threw it on and snapped some pics of it. I like the softness of the fibers, but I would have liked a little more poof in the pigtails. But you can't have everything, right? I'll now stop rambling and post the pictures. Oh, and just on a sidenote, I'll have to trim the bangs later, they're way too long atm.

 Do not ask why I'm holding my arm like that on both pics.. I'd like to know that myself, god it looks retarded, I need to practice posing, even if it's just for fast pics like these. I'm seriously starting to doubt I'll be able to do Saya some justice, she has this cool but yet kinda cute look, and I have no friggin idea how to do that.
There's not too much else to say really, you can see for yourselves how it looks like.

Bonus pics whoop whoop;

Pics. Of cats. Of my cats being annoying when I try to work on my cosplays, I have so many pics of situations like that, I could make an entire wall of photos with those two being annoying.

Feed us.

I even had to use some decoy paper so they wouldn't ruin the real pattern....

Wood sure seems to be fun...

Fucking hell I love my cats, but sometimes they're just too much. Especially when they team up. And when they're hungry hell is unleashed. Just sayin.



  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?! Is Saya's sword boring and normal like that in Blood-C?!

    I only got to watch half an episode and even Saya herself seemed so off. I love Blood+ and I think CLAMP just has made Blood-C boring.

  2. @Fukka; Yeah, it's pretty much a regular katana she has.. ^^' The one I have a pic of up there is nowhere near finished ofc, but it's mainly a regular looking katana yeah.

    Oh, well the fist episodes of the anime are really slow, but the final ones (like ep 9 and up) are pretty good, in my opinion. And well, Blood+ and Blood-C are not related, so the Saya from Blood-C and Blood+ aren't really the same Saya, I think it's just something that the people creating the Blood franchise does, always naming the main character Saya (Like in Blood-C and Blood+ but also in Blood: The last Vampire) and I'm pretty sure the stories in general of those 3 are unrelated. However, I do agree on that CLAMP made it a little more boring in the beginning than what it should have been~

    Holy shit, long reply is long.. o__o