Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saya Progress part 3

More Saya progress! I don't know if I should post less often and instead make longer posts containing progress pictures of different pieces of my cosplay progress rather than making short posts focusing entirely on a specific part I've made progress on. If you have any opinions on that, please feel free to share them with me. ^^

This time I decided to get going with the shirt. I went and bough a zipper and suddenly my motivation for sewing came back with full force. Awesomeness. How to make the pattern was quite something to figure out with all those seams, and I only had crappy patterns looking nothing like the sort I needed, but I was so motivated I decided to modify the living hell out of a pattern I already had at home rather than wait and get a better base pattern. Legit.

When I had modified that pattern until it was no longer recognizable as the cute frilly loose t-shirt it originally was I cut the pieces for the main part of the top out. I knew from experience that if I make it too big I'll have a hell of a time making it fit perfectly later, so I decided that I'd go all out with the pattern and make sure that it wouldn't turn out too wide, hence all those weird curves,

After sewing the pieces together, and adding the zipper in the front (I'm starting to get the hang of zippers, they no longer frighten me. Fuck yeah) I ended up with something like this;

I'm sorry for the crappy picture, it doesn't show off all the seams very well, the mirror I took it in was apparently very dusty, my room is one hell of a mess and it was like, 2 am so I just wanted to get to sleep. The whole thing seems to have turned around a little too, it might be because I'm holding my arm up, but the zipper appears crooked in this photo, which it's not. God the more I look at that pic the more I hate it.  But it does show off the general fit very well, I'm quite pleased actually. The next thing I'll do to this cosplay is to add the red stripes to the shoulders and the collar. Or eventually I'll make the sleeves before I make the collar. Whatever.



  1. Looking very nice! : ) I can't understand how some people can use proper patterns 8D Yours look so.. professional. ^^~

    And to the posting-question; I think it's just fine this way, more often small updates :3 Then we don't have to wait so long for new posts x)

  2. @Defia; Haha I learned to use them in school back in 7th grade or something, and well, I just stuck to them. Not that they help a lot, as you have to modify them so fucking much. I just do as my brain tells me to mostly otl ^^;

    Okies then I'll continue to post often! 8D