Friday, March 7, 2014


So, Frostbite went by and I promised you pictures, which will happen in this very post. And I'll also tell you about the con briefly because it would feel weird just to slam a bunch of pictures onto here.
   On friday I left from Vaasa to Lahti at 16.00, (I had eaten pizza right before I left and I swear the whole train smelled like pizza after I got on) and after a lovely 5 hours-ish train trip I arrived to Lahti around nine in the evening. I then had to drag my bags all the way to Omenahotelli where a Hansku was chilling with some empty booze bottles in the trash hahaha. We decided to go to the bar for a quick drink, and having no idea what sort of places Lahti had to offer we ended up in an Irish style pub with karaoke. I'm intrigued by that combination. Anyhow, we managed to find the most awkwardly placed table in the history of tables placed in bars, and it was perfect for us, far enough away from the karaoke, and not in the "danceclub section" of the bar. We then left for Sibeliustalo and the convention so I could get my con wristband, spent some time in the gaming room and then headed back to the hotel.
    Saturday morning we overslept and when we got to the con Hanskus con workshift had already started, so she left to do her business and I derped around the con, took pictures, ironed my cosplay and so forth. Regular cosplay business~ I later ended up backstage, and it was really cool to see all the well made competition cosplays up close. However, when the competition rolled around I left the backstage to watch that. It was super fun as usual, and as always I felt super inspired to do cosplay after watching all the awesome costumes.

 Group pics of all the competing cosplayers! The first one is the Nordic Cosplay    Championchip preliminaries and the second one the Hall Cosplay competition.

   After that me and Hansku left for the hotel to relax and have a drink. Or two. Or three. And we eventually ended up going back to the con, and since Frostbite was a 18+ convention they did serve alcohol at the after party going on. I was really impressed by how well people handled this though, I saw no one that was really drunk and causing problems, and as far as I know there were no fights or people drinking too much and getting sick and so forth. Which is awesome, it's fun to party but even better when you can party and behave yourself. Can't say I always do that though. After having some drinks we went to the gaming room since the dancefloor wasn't really our thing, and unfortunately pretty much every game was taken and no one had any intentions of leaving, so eventually we dicided to go and get some rest.
    When Sunday rolled around we got up, packed our stuff and dragged them with us to the convention. We watched the AMV competition and went to a panel, and then took some quick photos of each other since pics or it didn't happen, and then I changed out of costume before the ending ceremony, because I had to get to the train on time and it isn't comfy travelling for 4-5 hrs wearing cosplay. Just no. 
    All in all, it was one of the better cons I've been to lately, and I could really go on on how I liked the 18+ concept (I definately don't think all cons should be 18+, but it would be nice to have like, one a year that is), but I'll try to keep it short, although I already wrote a huge wall of text, so thank you everybody for an awesome con, here are some pics I took of random and awesome cosplayers;

I'll come back somewhat soon with updates on my current cosplay project, bacause inspiration happened and I kind of signed up for a competition. 


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