Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thank God... And Leafa pics!

I had a mini heart attack when trying to get into blogger on the fabulous new computer I'm sitting in front of now. I could for the love of god not remember my password OR which email I was using for this account. But eventually I got in, as you might have guessed already.
    That aside though, Frostbite happened last weekend, and I must say I really had a really good time, and I really liked the fact that the con had an age limit, the atmosphere was generally a little more mature for obvious reasons, but the entire con vibe was still there. Oh and they served alcohol at the afterparty. That was sweet.
     I did take some pics of all the other awesome congoers, however, I'll do a post containing those later, along with a more detailed description of my overall con weekend. This post is all about the costume I debuted, Leafa from Sword Art Online! If you know the character well, or compare my costume to a reference pic of her, you might notice a lack of a hair decoration and some bracelets. And the answer to why those are missing is simple, I was slacking and didn't have time to finish them in time, but I wanted to debut her so badly I decided to go without those details. But now, on to some pictures~

All the pictures are taken by Hansku. We took them on Sunday in the afternoon, so we weren't all that motivated to get some really epic pictures, hence the lack of them. But these three turned out nice with some editing slapped on (especially the stair one, god that was a dark pic). I really look forward to getting some pics of this costume in summer though, it just suits her character theme so much better :3

And just in lack of other things, have a collage of progress pics. I made the corset boning out of those things that you can't open once you pull them shut and I can't for the love of god remember what they're called. Just look at the last pic and you'll get what I mean. But they worked wonders, definately a thing to try out if you're looking for a cheap boning alternative! I read somewhere that they should really not be used in actual, lace up corsets as they might snap and hurt you. But for costuming and fashion corsets they should be fine~

So, I think that will be it for this post, I will return with some more Frostbite stuff later, so until then, goodbye~


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