Thursday, June 14, 2012


This years Desucon has passed and I had a really good time! I arrived to Lahti on Friday, met up with Hansku at the hotel, and then we left for Sibeliustalo and the con. I wasn't in any cosplay since all we did was basically to go watch the Sugiyama Noriaki interview thingy, which was really interesting btw, I'm kind of a fan haha, and then we went back to the hotel to finish some cosplay stuff for Saturday. 

Yeah that's pretty much how out hotel room looked like the night between Friday and Saturday. Paints everywhere. 
And then we woke up early Saturday morning to do our makeup and get into cosplay, and well, since Hansku was attending the Euro Cosplay tryouts she had her Illua costume with her, which had a gigantic katana, a huge spellbook, some armor and just LOTS of stuff in general, so this did take time. So walking with all that in several bags to Sibeliustalo from Omenahotelli was quite interesting. But yeah, basically all of Saturday went to EC stuff. Which I don't mind, it was fun being backstage and all that and kind of get a feel of how that is. And it probably was a good experience since I'll be attending competitions of the bigger kind myself in the future. 
So Sunday was pretty much the only "normal" con day I had at this con, and that's also the day most of the pics I'll post are from. I was in my new Kisaragi Saya (Blood-C) cosplay for both Saturday and Sunday, and even though the overall costume is really comfortable, the shoes were killing my feet. I literally couldn't even walk a meter in them at Sunday after running around in them all of Saturday, so I had to sacrifice some accuracy and walk around in my socks only on Sunday haha. 

But that's it for my ramblings, here you have some pictures I took at the con;

Random pictures yay. These are actually all the pics I took, I've gotten really lazy about taking pictures at cons recently, which is bad since pics are fun to have :c
Anyway, I'll now put up some pics of my cosplay as well. They're all taken by Hansku, thank you!

More pics will be up on my account and deviantART shortly.


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