Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oh wait, I do have a blog

Ok, I've been a shitty blogger, I really have. But, I too do (to some small extent) have a life, especially during summer I did. But that's nothing you'd be interested in, since this is a cosplay blog after all. So what has happened in my life as a cosplayer lately? Well, I attended Animecon IX in July, so there will be pictures from that later on in this post, and I also made a Meredy (Fairy Tail) cosplay which I was supposed to bring to Animecon, but the wig didn't arrive on time, even though I did order it in good time. I honestly looked forward to cosplaying her, but no, that just didn't happen. I was also planning to attend Tracon as Gisen Yagyu from Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls, but various health issues got in the way, and I ended up not going to Tracon at all. I'm back in the zone now though, finishing unfinished cosplays, and planning for next years cosplay season. And I have tons of unpublished progress pictures I'll show you sometime soon.

But back to Animecon, on Saturday I wore my Kanaya (Homestuck) cosplay since I wanted some more pictures of her, and Rei (HOTD) for pretty much the same reason, I wanted pics of both of them in summer since the only ones I have are taken during the winter. So, here you get, some pictures from Animecon 2 months ago haha;

There you go, some pictures of me from Animecon. All of them were taken by Victoria, who gladly joined me to the con even though she isn't a cosplayer herself. She did however borrow my Alois and my Rei cosplay, so I'll throw in some pics of her in said cosplays too!

Aaand finally, both of us on Sunday. I had a good time, and it was fun to show someone who has never been to a con before how it is and what happens haha.

That will be it for this post, I'd post some other con pictures I took of other cosplayers, but as it was so long ago I don't know how relevant that feels. If you do feel like seeing some of them leave a comment and let me know and you'll get to see some other cosplayers than me haha. And hopefully I'll return in sensible time to tell you more about actual cosplay making and show you some of my progress pics.


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