Friday, June 8, 2012

Last minute Desu check..

Ok so on my dA I promised a huge progress post before I leave for Desucon.... Well I lied, you won't get anything of the sort, instead you will get this super ultra mega awesome mini post, and you will have to suffice with that. Oh well, I can't keep all my promises, and hey, at least this is a update, always something right? Ok now I will stop making excuses and get to the actual point. 
Firstly I could point out that the (not so, as I already told my dA watchers who the character is) secret costume won't be done in time for Desu, which really is a shame, since she's one of my favorite characters ever, and it'd have been fun to wear her to event like Desucon. But I really did fuck up the wig for her when I tried to style it, and I decided that no, I can't wear that, I'd rather wait and make the entire thing look good than look half assed and ready in time for Desu. So that's it about that costume. I will provide you with pictures of it later, after Desu, no worries.

But then, what am I going to wear? Well, as you might know from my previous blogposts I've also finished Saya in time for Desu, so she's what I'm gonna bring. You've already seen tons of progress shots of her, so I really don't have anything new for her except 

dun dun duuuuun....

her monster slaying katana. Yay I'm actually pretty proud of it, it's the fist katana I've ever made, so it turned out great imo. That picture only shows the handle (and my derpfece :B) but the blade is really cool looking too. Damn I never thought I'd be able to make an ok looking prop, but I'm ok with this.
The blade is made out of wood, the handle out of wood and foam covered in paper mache which I then painted and wrapped fabric strips around. I didn't have time to do an actual katana style handle wrapping though. Or well, I didn't have time to learn it. Haters gonna hate. The tsuba (the thing between the blade and the handle) is also made out of paper mache covered foam. All the teeth are made out of clay, and the red-black details on the handle are also made out of foam.

So, I'll in other words be cosplaying Saya for both Saturday and Sunday. I was too lazy to bring some old costume, and I definitely won't mind carrying around that lovely katana for two days either <3

That's it for me now, I'll be back after Desu~



  1. Oooh, you've changed your haircolor! <3 It looks perfect! ;____;

    1. Yep, it's all red now ^^ And thank you <3 OuO