Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Happiest Homestuck CMV Ever

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take part in Moonlilys Homestuck cosplay collab video since she needed a Kanaya and well, I had a Kanaya cosplay, so I thought why the heck not? So I threw my cosplay on, shot the clips and sent them to her, waited, and then a couple of days ago she posted the result on her Youtube channel, and now I thought, why not put it up here for you guys to watch? There are some really awesome cosplayers in it, and it's cool to watch something that people from all over the world have contributed to ^^ I find it kinda funny that I'm standing in like 50 cm of snow and then the Feferi cosplayer is standing on a beach, and all the clips were shot at the same time of the year.. Oh Finland, y u so cold? However, here you go, enjoy my bad lip syncing haha;

In case someone wonders, I appear at 1:09, really quickly at 2:14, 3:39
and 4:30. But watch the whole thing, seriously :3



  1. Ooh, that's amazing! 8D I know absolutely nothing about Homestuck, but I think this was cool, loved characters' voices (; And you did look so adorable + I don't think the lipsync is bad at all.

    1. I know right, I've always found collab vids really cool! I agree on the voices, the girl(s?) who made this song are super talented :3 And aaw, thank you OuO I just tried my best haha, I've never done any serious lip syncing before, it was harder than I thought it'd be ^^'