Sunday, April 22, 2012

About laziness and such..

Ok, I admit it, I've been very lazy lately. Very. Not only when it comes to update this blog thingy, but also when it comes to make some actual cosplay progress. I've done almost nothing, and I will regret this, especially as I have quite grand plans for Desucon so to say..  I'll reveal those later if I know with 100% certainty that I'll actually make them come true. I'm good at planning but bad at actually getting things done ahaha, there are just so many other things to do that requires less thinking and work. I'll stop ranting now and post a pic that pretty much summarizes my feelings.

That's it about what I haven't done. But what about what I actually have done? I suppose I'll get to that now. In an earlier post I mentioned my Alois wig and that I'd show you pictures (and we'll just ignore the fact that I said I'd show those to you "soon". It's been more than 20 days since that post, oops.) I ordered it from wigfever on eBay after hearing some good things about them, and I'm definitely satisfied with their product since the color was really accurate to the picture and Alois has a kinda tricky blonde going on, it's not platinum and it's not dark and it has a bit of a warm tone to it and ahdklj I won't even try state all the reasons to why I couldn't just get "just a blonde wig".

So, that's how it looks after some minor styling, I'll
still have to cut it a little shorter in the back and eventually
layer it a little more~

What do I say? Blonde isn't really my color.. Anyway, continuing on Alois, I've now completely finished the vest, but as I posted some pictures of it being almost finished, only missing the buttons, I figure it'd be unnecessary to post more pics of it. I haven't posted any pictures of the shoes I just got in the mail for him though, so here you go;

That's the closest thing I could find to his boots within a reasonable price range. The heels are a little too high for him (but I'm semi-short, so I suppose that's ok?) and there are some extra buckles that aren't removable, but they don't look too out of place, so they don't bug me too much. I'll change the current shoelaces into purple ones and add the purple ribbon on the top of them.
I've also been working on hid coat, and I'm really starting to get freaked out, the con is in two weeks, and I'm not done with it at all... And I have stuff I need to make for Desu... But that's a later problem, knowing myself I will be working my ass of the fist weeks of summer break finishing stuff for Desu. But that's besides the point, I was talking about the coat. So, I decided to get a kind of reddish purple for the coat, as you may have seen in some earlier post, because the other purples just didn't mix as well with the green I chose for the vest, and in some pictures Alois does have a pretty redpurplish coat. However, in the anime it was more purple but oh well, I happen to like this better.

The first pic displays the color in daylight pretty well, and the second one shows how much I've worked on the coat. I forgot to take a picture of the front, but it's not much to see really, the back is actually more interesting haha. I still need to finish the collar sew on the sleeves, that one is just pinned on, add buttons and pockets and do some more fitting on it. So in other words, I have quite a lot left to do, but I'll manage in time for the con.

And that's it for Alois, however, I have done some (very little) work on my Desucon cosplays, so I suppose I could throw that into this update as well.
Firstly we have Saya who have kind of been put away for the past months. I made her tie and did some fixing on her skirt, but that's it. What I've got for her so far; 

Behold the crappy camera quality, my own camera ran out of battery so I had to use a really bad one... Anyway, I still have to make the red striped on her shoes, make the collar on her shirt and finish her katana and she'll be done for Desu. I'm actually kind of happy that I've neglected her so much because now I'll have two new cosplays to debut for Desu, but I won't have to work too much one one of them, that one being Saya haha~

And for the other one that I don't even know if I'll make well, here you have some progress shots of the tiny part of it I've made;

Ok there were supposed to be several pics but noooo, apparently I couldn't upload more than this one. It still needs to be painted gold btw. 10 points for anyone who correctly guesses the character. I'm seriously not expecting anyone at the con to recognize me if I end up cosplaying her.



  1. Looking good : D If you don't mind asking, were did you got those shoes and how much were they? They look rad : D And the armor piece looks really neat, is it craft foam?

    1. I got them from eBay, from this seller; and they were something like 34 e, shipping included :3 Yup it's craft foam ^^

  2. I really need to check your blog more often. But my goodness, your Alios looks awesome! Do you draft the patterns yourself?

    I know it's going to be wrong, but that foam armor totally looks like the cuffs on the Angel Mort uniforms from higurashi xD

    And thank you for the blog tag! <3

    1. Oh thank you so much! ^u^ Yeah pretty much, or well, most of the time I draft them completely from scratch, but sometimes I also modify existing patterns. I actually prefer to make them myself though~

      Ahaha oh my god, now that you say it I just can't unsee it >u<;;

      No problem <3