Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hi there, it's been a while and it's finally time for a new update. So, firstly, I made a new header (what do you mean it looks just like the old one?) as you might have noticed, and damn, I'm impressed how bad I've gotten with these things, I used to be good at stuff like that but lolnope. 

Asides from my doubtful blog designing skills, I've made some Alois progress! I don't know if it's just me or people just do that in general, but I go long times without doing basically any progress, and then suddenly I decide to do a lot within a very concentrated amount of time. But I'm not going to start ranting on my procrastination issues, I'm here to provide you with progress pictures and text. 

 So I decided to start working on the shorts because I still didn't have fabric for the jacket (I still don't and the con is coming up sooner than I think it will, it's only a month left, shitshitshit.) and it went fairly well. I was, quite frankly, nervous as hell. I've never made pants before. Ever. And I didn't get how the pattern for those fucking pantalons worked, it freaked me the out. And I had no idea how I'd make the zipper. I also knew I'd have just enough fabric for one pair. In other words, no room for mistakes. Eventually I just got working on them, and everything went incredibly smoothly, I barely took any progress pictures as I just kept working and working, but before showing you the few pics I have I have to tell you about the awesome thing I found at home. Apparently my mom used to sew clothes when she was younger (really? where did those skills go, she's never been of any help to me...) and she had this book/folder with lots of info on how to sew various things and it also contained a couple of patterns, and it's really awesome, it helped me so much with sewing those goddamn shorts. 

It's like the bible of sewing, it has just everything.

So with that by my side while making the shorts, especially with the zipper, I found a really detailed description of how to sew zippers in pants in it, everything went along really smoothly. Awesomesauce. And now for some pictures of the pants, I don't have any real in progress pictures, just some of the almost completed pants and some of the completed pants, but oh well, here you go anyway;

At first I kind of managed to make them waay too long as you can see in the left picture, I've pinned one of the legs up into the length I want it to be, and in the second picture you can see how I taped around the legs to mark where I should cut the fabric. I made them about 10 cm too long. Whoops. It was really easy to fix though.
 Just some closeups of the zipper. I'm proud of myself haha, I 
actually like the result for once.

And the finished product after ironing and sewing on the waistband and button etc. I like them, they're totally legit for being the first pair of pants I've ever made. Even the buttonhole turned out good, even though I didn't have a buttonhole presser. I didn't even know those things existed until Hansku informed me about their glorious existence a couple of weeks ago. I need one it'd make my life easier.

I made the bow too. It's kinda funny how my cosplays always seem to include a bow somewhere on the costume. I think all the cosplays I've made except fem!Prussia have had a bow somewhere. But whatever, bows aren't very interesting creations, so I'll just slam up some pictures for you.

With and without the bowtails.

I had to work in our computer room because the kitchen where I usually work... But now I could be in front of the computer AND sew at the same time! Ultimate nerd satisfaction!

That'd be all for this update though. I've ordered a wig for Alois too, so I'll probably update when it arrives, and of course I'll update when I get to making the jacket, which I really really need to get starting on, so look forward to that~ 



  1. You know, I have the same sewing bible that you have, it's my moms old one XDDD Super usefull, but I'm too lazy to actually read it xD

    1. Haha awesomeness, it's totally helpful, yay for having moms who used to sew 8DD

    2. Hahah I know, like I found a piece of really good bridal satin in my moms scraps and used it for Luka .D.D Score! Oh and they pants look SUPER neat and professional, but only thing that bothers me (I'm such a derp when it comes to this), that the pantlegs aren't douple hemmed xD (I seriously douple hem everything like crazy, Idk what the hell is wrong with me xD)

    3. Oh my now that's awesome, my mom doesn't have any fabric scraps from back in the days though :c Hahaha I actually thought of it after I hemmed them that maybe a double hem would have been better, but in the end it didn't show when I'm wearing them, so I decided to not give a fuck >8D Although it sliiiightly bothers me too. Slightly, very little, almost nothing >u<

  2. My desk looks exactly like that when I do my cosplays, the laptop is almost directly behind the sewing machine....