Saturday, January 17, 2015

Misato progress

I've been working hard on Misato the last week, and I've gotten pretty far on her jacket. It is a really fun project, since there is so much more to it that I thought at first. I'm glad I didn't decide to make this costume any earlier in my cosplay career, even though it's been on my cosplay list for quite a while. I'll get to the pictures then~

The entire process began with my machine refusing to do a zigzag stitch. After much frustration and some sewing machine cleaning, I managed to resolve the issue. I feel like these first wobbly zigzag stitches I managed to do are worth sharing, a lot of work and not so pretty language lies within these bad boys.
I then proceeded onto adding some details to the back piece of the jacket. Nothing special, but it's a detail easy to miss since it's in the back.

The shoulders of the jacket are decorated as well. I made the decorations using an orange fabric and some bias tape. I despise working with bias tape.... However these turned out ok. I did redo one of them after this image was taken, since they aren't exactly the same.

Just a quick view on how the sleeves are supposed to look like. I haven't yet finished the sleeves, but hopefully they will look something like this when they are done.

I the attached all of the pieces, and worked a bit on the lining as well. I remade the applique on the front of the jacket after this picture was taken, since it looked hideous. Oh and I also made an inner pocket, that you can't see here since it's on the inside. But I sort of fell in love with pockets after making Sinon, so I just had to put one somewhere on this cosplay as well~

Here you can see the remade applique. Looks a lot better, with sharper looking triangles. I also added the zipper at this point, which is kind of hard to see since my phone is really blocking it. I also started adding the facing for the inside. The red strip hanging out of the jacket is the facing that I haven't attached yet. (I'm not sure if it's called facing if it goes all the way around the hem of the jacket though?)
The jacket is really starting to come together here, after just one week of work.

Yay, MORE mirror selfies. In this picture I have attached the facing all around the jacket. All the edges are really neat looking for now. Adding the facing was thefinately one of the most nerv wrecking parts so far. It was one of thos steps that is supposed to make everything look prettier. If it had turned out bad, I wouldn't have known what the heck to do. Luckily it turned out ok.

Yay, neat edges ftw! Yes little fold left of the zipper. I see you. You're not gonna exist for much longer >:( This is how the jacket looks like closed. Or well, how the bottom part looks like closed haha.

And finally, a shot showcasing the inside and the facing. All that is left is to add the collar and the lining, which probably is going to take forever, but I like pretending that I am almost done. 
     Anyway, that is it for this post. Hopefully I'll finish this jacket somewhat soon, and you'll all get to see how it turned out. I have a wig on its way as well, and it reached Finland yesterday (Friday) so I'll most likely get it some time next week. I'm thinking about doing a review again like I did with my Sinon wig, so maybe you'll get some of that as well. Take care~



  1. ooh the shoulders look great! :D
    and i can relate to the sewing machine not doing a zigzag stitch, drives me mad sometimes :'D

  2. It looks great so far! :D
    And I totally hear you on the frustrations when the sewing machine doesn't even do the basic stitches right.. XD