Friday, January 2, 2015


As I mentioned in my earlier post, I made a Cubone gijinka for Desucon this summer, and since I haven't gotten around to posting pictures of it yet, I figured I would post some now, more than half a year later haha. The dress is really simple, the main piece of this costume is undoubtedly the dinosaur head, which is at least supposed to resemble a Cubone skull. All in all this was a very quick and rushed project, but I do actually have some progress pictures of it as well, so I'll throw those in at the end of this post for those of you who are interested :3

The dress was really simple

I frayed the edges of it using scissors
The head:

I made a rough base for the head using camping mat and some chicken wire

I put a layer of paper mache on the base, and then covered the entire thing in expanding foam. Then I spent some hours carving it into the right shape, and then I added paper mache on top, some gesso and finally paint.
The bone club was made in pretty much the same way as the head, using expanding foam and paper mache to strengthen it.
     All in all, this is definately not one of my favorite cosplays, but I guess it's kind of cute. It was however fun to make and wear a gijinka costume, so that will for sure happen again *hint hint* Anyway, I'll finish this post with a picture of Cubone, just in case some of you don't know how this little Pokémon looks like;



  1. All your work is awesome!! I'm much younger than you and I quite enjoy cosplaying aswell but I can never seem to find places where I can get decent materials and stuff and I'm planning on cosplaying Sinon from Sword Art Online like you did but I'm not too much of a crafty person because I'm not good at that kind of stuff. Would you have any ideas that may help me by any chance? Because you seem like a cosplay pro!! ^.^

    1. Yay thank you, I'm glad you like my cosplays ^^. Sure, I can try to help you out a little :3. Is there anything in particular you need help with? For Sinon I didn't really use any hard to get materials actually, most of the costume is fabric, just go to some nearby fabric store and check out their selection :). I live in a small town but still managed to get all my materials from local stores. For the rifle I mainly used cardboard, glue, some foam sheets and gesso (I have blog posts showing the progress in greater detail), and most of those materials should be easy to get too, the foam sheets and gesso are probably the "hardest" to find, but most stores with a hobby department have those things ^^. Other than that I suggest watching a bunch of online tutorials on constructing both garments and props for cosplay, I've learned how to make cosplays like that as well :'3. and really investing time in planning how to make a costme is a big part of making a nice cosplay. If you just start you might run into problems along the way that require some serious work to overcome, it's better to just try and visualize the entire process ahead and try to figure out what works and what doesn't :). Those were just some general pointers on how to get started and so, but if you have more specific questions don't be afraid to ask :)

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    3. Thankyou heaps!!! That should hopefully be all I need to ask, but that was really helpful and all I needed to get an idea on what to do, Thankyou!!! ^^

  2. Nice interpretation of Cubone! :D
    Thanks for the WIP photos of the skull headpiece as well, gave me some ideas how to make a helmet of my own!

    1. Thankies ^^ Awesome, I'm glad I could give you some ideas, hopefully you'll be able to make one awesome helmet! :3