Thursday, February 5, 2015

Frostbite incoming!

Only one week left until Frostbite! Hopefully everybody is finishing up their costumes nicely and won't have to stress the last few days before the con weekend. My cosplay plans for Frostbite are pretty straightforward, I'll be cosplaying Misato from Evangelion both Saturday and Sunday, unless I have a change of heart and decide to bring something else for Sunday. I feel pretty tired of most of my simple school uniform cosplays though, and I don't want to bring anything elaborate for Sunday, so most likely I'll just rock Misato both days. I'll get there pretty late on Friday, so Friday is a no cosplay day.
      I'm still not 100% done with Misato, but most of the pieces are starting to take shape. I made the dress in a couple of hours, and a pair of green socks to wear with the boots. I still have some buttons to attach, and some details on the jacket to make. Then there is the wig, I'll have to style that sometime next week as well. But I don't think I'll have to have any sleepless nights before the con, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

 Some pictures of my progress with the dress and the socks. I really need to clean my shoes haha. I'm liking what I've done with this costume so far, and I'm really excited to debut it next week! I wish you all luck with your costumes! 
     Also, another reminder of mine and Hanskus discussion circle on Saturday! I'm looking forward to hosting a program and it'll be totally fun, you should all come :DD *shameless advertising*

So, are you going to Frostbite, and what are your cosplay plans? :) I might be back with a wig post sometime next week, otherwise I'll be back after Frostbite with a traditional post-con post~ See you next time!


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