Monday, May 7, 2012

Tampere Kuplii in shortness

Tampere Kuplii (aka the con where no pictures were taken by me) has passed and it was a really fun con. I went to Tampere on Friday night, and on Saturday it was con time! Although it was raining it wasn't too cold, probably because I was in cosplays. I have yet to make a cosplay that doesn't make me sweat buckets... Anyway,  I cosplayed Bernkastel and it was nice to get to cosplay her again, since she's a character I absolutely adore (I think I "mentioned" that in a previous post too. Mentioned as in totally ranted about how awesome she is for way too long). Not many people seemed to recognize me though, she isn't a THAT popular character, but I usually have more people recognize me when cosplaying her. And I was constantly confused for Stocking too since I hung out with this lovely lady in her Panty cosplay. I'm pretty sure half of the pictures taken of me were taken by people who confused me for Stocking. I didn't even have her blue/pink hair, Berns hair is just blue.... Oh well haha, I don't really care since some people recognized me as Bernkastel too~
Hmm, more about Saturday.. Yeah well I went to watch the cosplay competiotion, and there were some pretty cool costumes in it. I actually managed to snap a couple of pics of the competitors, but that's pretty much it, I didn't feel like taking pictures on Saturday and I spent pretty much all of Sunday in panels and having a photoshoot in an awesome park.
And that brings me to Sunday, when I cosplayed Alois. We got up pretty late for a con day, at 10.30 AM (compared to the 7 AM the day before lol) and we made it to the con just in time for Hanskus wig panel at 1 PM. And then well, we attended another panel after hers and then we went photoshooting, eating and then it was pretty much already 4.40 PM and I had to leave since my train left at 5.04. 

So, as I did after all take a couple of pics of the competition I could as well post them here (I'm sorry for them being slightly blurry, I sat really far from the stage, camera wise, so I had to zoom really much). Click for bigger pics.; 

Yeah lol, as mentioned, I sat faaar from the stage.

And finally a somewhat (really) blurry group picture of the contestants.

Overall it was a really fun con, cons are always awesome, but I really can't wait for the bigger summer cons since cons and summer pretty much walk hand in hand. And that also reminds me... Only five weeks left until Desu.

Speaking about Desu, I still have to reveal my cosplay plans for that con, but there willbe a post about that after I've put up some of the photoshoot pictures from TK~



  1. Oh, those pictures are actually very good, considering you took them so far away : O

    I'm uploading the photoshoot-pictures to photobucket at the moment, but since they're big and there are lots and lots of them, it'll take a while longer. (: I'll send you the link via deviantArt when it's all ready.

    1. Yeah, the camera does have a great zoom. If I had had a tripod or something steady to put it on they would have been even better tho >u<;;

      Ok, awesome, I'm looking forward to seeing them : D