Thursday, March 5, 2015

Misato pictures!

I'm finally getting to writing something about Desucon, yay go me it's only been like 3 weeks. In my defence I have had a lot to do in school (and should totally be studying for an exam now, but hey, let's get to posting those Misato pics instead. Yeah, that's the smart thing to do) but here you go, some pictures of my finsished Misato cosplay :D Most of these pics were taken on Sunday since Saturday was sort of busy, and because of the freezing cold it wasn't much fun to go outside for a shoot, so most of them are indoor pictures. We did take some outside too but I was too stiff from the cold to pose properly so they looked kinda meh. Terefor many of these are taken in Sibeliustalos mysterious indoor lighting, but anyway, my Misato cosplay from Desucon;

I like this one a lot, it shows off the worbla badge nicely, plus I managed to smile in a photo, yay me!

The last one shows the zipper detail on the sleeve really well. I won't be writing much more in this post, I'll try my best to get a con report together within a reasonable time frame, plus maybe some pose that touches the topic of Misatos wig. But that's for later, see you then!



  1. Pakko näin vähän randomisti kommentoida että tykkään ihan hirmuisesti tuosta portaikossa otetusta kuvasta (jossa kurkkaat olan yli). Maailma tarvitsee lisää NGE-pukuja <3